Single Braids And Havanna Twists Are The Hottest Hair Braiding Styles Right Now!

by Rama on November 10, 2013

Single Braids are hot!By far, the hottest hair braid style going down right now are Single Braids. That’s not to be said that Kinky Twists are out though. We’ve just been seeing a surge in people asking for Single Braids.

What are Single Braids then?

Single Braids are just that, their not done as a cornrow. They typically are about the thickness of a pencil and sometimes a little thinner if you like. Let’s not get confused with Micro Braids, they’re a lot thinner. You ladies are wearing them pulled up on top of your head and they’re styling just hanging down in their natural state.

havana-twistsHavanna Twists
are also getting pretty trendy ever since Solange previewed them a few months back.

You’ll notice that they’re a lot like Senegales Twist, the difference is, they’re much wider. If you take a look you’ll see them all over Tumblr and Printerest.

It’s a cute style and can be worn up or down. They nicest thing about them is that they’re easy on your natural hair.

Let me give you just a few Do’s and Don’ts that you should consider if you’re doing to do either of these styles or, for that matter, any braid style.

  • DO make sure you see a professional. Get it done right the first time. It’s not as easy as it looks.
  • DON’T put too much pressure around your edges. There’s lost of baby hairs on the edges and you can just tear them out. Not good!
  • DO keep your twists moisturized. That keeps them from getting brittle. There’s plenty of spray moisturizers that you can get in our shop or at the store around town.
  • DON’T get your twists done too tight. Never do this. If they’re feeling really uncomfortable, tell our stylist and she will fix it for you. Too much pressure puts stress on your natural hair and besides, who want to go around feeling uncomfortable.
  • DO keep your scalp clear of buildup. There are plenty of moisturizers and mask you can use to remove the buildup. You got to take care of them to keep them looking fresh!
  • DON’T leave them in too long. 6 weeks is long enough.
  • DO be gentle when styling your twists. Don’t be pulling them too hard up into a bun. That puts pressure on the roots.

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