About Our Authentic African Hair Braid Shop

African Hair Braid Shop - Minneapolis

The place to go for those in the know! Your hair is important and if you want your braids done right you need to get them done at this areas premier black hair salon.

Safari Hair Braiding Minneapolis is your source for expert hair braiding services. We specialize in authentic braiding with styles that include individual braids, micro braids, Senegalese twists, invisible braids, corn rows, weaving, freestyle, silky locks, Afro-weaves, interlocks, bobs, kinky twists, goddess, sew-in weave, take-downs, yarn twists, Nubian twists, man twists, tree braids, box braids, dreadlocks, locs, short hairstyles, hair extensions, touch-ups and a simple wash and style. If you have a special request for your hair braiding needs, we will be happy to help! Our goal is help you create some of the best-looking people in the Minneapolis and St Paul area. Our salon specializes in all manner of hand-sewn African braids for men, women, and children. Come in and enjoy yourself with a cup of fresh coffee in our comfortable salon chair as we braid your hair or browse through our beautiful accessories and hair products imported from exotic places throughout the world.

Black Hair Salon - Burnsville

Rama, a native of the Ivory Coast, and her staff have mastered all the traditional and modern hair braiding techniques handed down from generation to generation in Africa. Our braiders know the true meaning of hard work, dedication, and quality customer service. Customer total satisfaction is our Number ONE priority. If you are not sure what works best for you, we will provide you with a free consultation with one of our expert stylists and offer you an estimate to help you achieve the style and prominence you desire for a price that fits your budget. We specialize in all African styles, and both short or natural hair are no problem! Our professional staff is experienced, stylish and knowledgeable when it comes to the artistry of hair repair and hair growth. We will work with you to create a lasting impression. Safari Hair Braiding’s staff knows the latest techniques and products to provide our customers with the utmost quality and dedication possible. We combine traditional talent with modern methods to create African-original hair braids. So, when you want to look your best for any occasion, call us! Our hair braids can last between 1 to 3 months. We can do micro braids in 4 to 5 hours. Our experienced staff is here to provide you with fast, affordable and unique hair braiding services.

It may be the wonderful recommendations that brings people in, but it is the expertise of our hair braider’s that keeps them locked, twisted and braided in our shop. We can help you create the ideal hairstyle that will match your personality. Please come by for a free consultation with one of our expert stylists or to have your hair maintained. You will leave looking your very best for whatever occasion you might have in mind.

We also offer authentic African hair and beauty products imported from around the world!

Walk-Ins are also always welcome, but you can also call us at 952•426•0072 to reach our Burnsville shop to schedule an appointment and guarantee a sitting time. You can see our locations by clicking here.

For your convenience, we speak English, French, some Spanish and several African Dialects!