Single Braids are hot!By far, the hottest hair braid style going down right now are Single Braids. That’s not to be said that Kinky Twists are out though. We’ve just been seeing a surge in people asking for Single Braids.

What are Single Braids then?

Single Braids are just that, their not done as a cornrow. They typically are about the thickness of a pencil and sometimes a little thinner if you like. Let’s not get confused with Micro Braids, they’re a lot thinner. You ladies are wearing them pulled up on top of your head and they’re styling just hanging down in their natural state.

havana-twistsHavanna Twists
are also getting pretty trendy ever since Solange previewed them a few months back.

You’ll notice that they’re a lot like Senegales Twist, the difference is, they’re much wider. If you take a look you’ll see them all over Tumblr and Printerest.

It’s a cute style and can be worn up or down. They nicest thing about them is that they’re easy on your natural hair.

Let me give you just a few Do’s and Don’ts that you should consider if you’re doing to do either of these styles or, for that matter, any braid style.

  • DO make sure you see a professional. Get it done right the first time. It’s not as easy as it looks.
  • DON’T put too much pressure around your edges. There’s lost of baby hairs on the edges and you can just tear them out. Not good!
  • DO keep your twists moisturized. That keeps them from getting brittle. There’s plenty of spray moisturizers that you can get in our shop or at the store around town.
  • DON’T get your twists done too tight. Never do this. If they’re feeling really uncomfortable, tell our stylist and she will fix it for you. Too much pressure puts stress on your natural hair and besides, who want to go around feeling uncomfortable.
  • DO keep your scalp clear of buildup. There are plenty of moisturizers and mask you can use to remove the buildup. You got to take care of them to keep them looking fresh!
  • DON’T leave them in too long. 6 weeks is long enough.
  • DO be gentle when styling your twists. Don’t be pulling them too hard up into a bun. That puts pressure on the roots.

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How To Wash Your Kinky Twists

by Rama on August 16, 2012 · 2 comments

Stop Braid Itching and Moisturize

Do you know how to wash and take care of your Kinky Twists?

We get asked this a lot and have found a couple of excellent videos on the subject.

Watch and enjoy!

Here’s some products we carry that can help you maintain those Kinky Twists.

Kinky Twists Hair Braids Are Hot

by Rama on October 24, 2011

Whatever you want to think, right now Kinky Twists and Micro Braids are the hottest hair braid styles going.

They’re easy to take care of and they go with the way you’re feeling whether it’s casual or dressing up.

African hair braid styles will not harm your hair when installed by a professional.That’s a myth. Getting your hair done in any of the latest hair braid styles will not harm your hair. In fact, having your hair braided will probably help with your hair growth and health.

When you have your hair braids done you no longer need to use any relaxers or other chemicals associated with perms. That’s a plus in itself because it gives your hair a break from the harshness of those chemicals. If you have your hair braided by a professional who knows what they’re doing, that’s also important.

Here’s a few reason why your hair will break and fall out once you have your hair braided:

  • Never, ever allow your hair to be braided too tight. By tight, I mean to the point where you actually feel your scalp pulling. This puts stress on the hair and will cause breakage.
  • Never treat your hair with a chemical relaxer just before you have your braids done. Not only is it unhealthy but it also destroys the hair peptide bonds which give your hair its natural strength.
  • It’s best not to leave your hair braids in too long. Have them taken down, your scalp treated and then get them redone. The reason is that as your hair grows it can start matting together causing a locking process where it actually starts tightening, causing breakage.
  • Always have your hair taken down by a professional hair braider who will make sure to take the proper amount of care to  prevent hair loss and breakage.
  • You must maintain those hair braids properly. Wash your scalp at least twice a month with Dudu Osum Hair Softening Shampoo and Conditioner and then treat your hair and scalp with Dudu Osum  Oil and Moisturizer. If your scalp is itchy, we suggest treating it with Dudu Osum Braiding Spray. Not washing and conditioning your hair will cause clogged pores and your scalp will not be able to breathe, which causes hair loss.
If you have any questions or comments, just give us a call and we can help you out.

Hair Braid Maintenance is important to keep your hair looking Bomba!You’ve spent hours in a chair getting your hair braided and spent some good money to achieve the look you want but, how do you keep your hair braids looking as good as the day you left the shop?

For the most part, it’s really quite simple.

Our Dudu-Osum Braiding Spray should be used if your scalp becomes itchy or irritated because it conditions and moisturizes your hair and scalp and helps avoid breakage. It also gives your hair that nice looking sheen. At night, wrap your hair to keep your braids, weaves or extensions from moving.

The Dudu-Osum Oil & Moisturizer is for deep conditioning and moisturizing your hair. It’s a 100% natural product made with Shea butter, Shea oil along with several other natural oils. Not only is it great for your hair but it also can be used for messages, bathing, hot oil treatments and softening cuticles or any other rough areas of your skin. This product is truly a must-have for the lady who really cares about her hair and body.

When it comes time to shampoo, use a dry shampoo to clean your hair. That way everything stays in place and won’t get washed out. From there you can do a full shampoo every four weeks but make sure you cover your braids with a stocking cap to keep your hair from becoming undone.

Doing these few things will always keep your hair looking fresh and will help stimulate new growth.

If you’re interested in a fantastic moisturizers for your hair, you’ll find Dudu-Osum Braiding Spray here and our Dudu-Osum Oil & Moisturizer.

90% of our customers leave the shop with these products. They’re our biggest sellers.


Join The Safari Hair Braiding Rewards Program

by Rama on September 29, 2011


At Safari Hair Braiding and Barbershop we want to thank all of our repeat customers because we appreciate you and you’re the ones who help make our business grow.

That’s why we’re giving our repeat customers one our new “Safari Rewards Card”.

Starting September 3rd, 2011 every customer gets one of our reward cards and every time you come back to get your hair done up, we’re going to punch it. Once you’ve got 5 punches on your card, the 6th time you come in we’re going to give you 10% off the regular price of our hair braiding services.

So, come on down and get that fresh look with some new braids and don’t forget to get your “Safari Rewards Card”.


It’s All About Shea Butter

by Rama on August 25, 2011 · 2 comments

Shea Butter comes from the nut of the Karite Tree in West AfricaShea butter comes from the nut of the Karite tree which is found in West Africa. It has a very high content of all natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids that, when you apply them to your skin, will moisturize and help with restoration of your cells.

It easily absorbs into your skin and will help repair and heal dry and cracking elbows and knees. Some even say it helps them with the eczema. It can be applied to your face if you have dry skin but be careful not to apply too much or it will plug your pores. Also Shea butter can be used on your hair as a conditioner to protect it from dryness. Like applying it to your face, start off with a small amount, rub it into your hands and then run your hands through your hair. It’s best not to apply it to your scalp because, just like your face, it can clog your pores.

Some of the benefits in using Shea butter:

  • Shea butter is a natural and very intensive mosturizer. It’s perfect for dry and cracking skin, damaged hair and softening rough spots like ones that sometimes show up on your elbows, knees, heels or cuticles.
  • It provides natural sun protection for your skin and hair. It’s not sunscreen though and should not be used in place of that.
  • It can help heal cuts and burns and will eliminate some scarring.
  • It works great on bumps or rashes from shaving.
  • Shea butter will bring back the elasticity of your skin.
  • If you have any skin ailments like eczema or psoriasis it can help treat them.
You find that many of our products contain Shea Butter. To check them out, just go to our shop.

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